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8 Possible Causes of Headaches and Blurred Vision

Headaches and hazy vision—they’re the less-than-dynamic duo. Unfortunately, the two like to pair up more often than we’d like. Even worse, you might not even know why you’re experiencing them! If you want to pinpoint the potential reasons for headaches and blurred vision, check out this list.

Shifts in Blood Pressure

When your blood pressure shifts to higher or lower levels, this transition can bring on headaches and blurred vision. In the case of decreased blood pressure, this can happen when you are dehydrated, so keep an eye out (no pun intended) for the signs, such as dizziness or a dry mouth. In the case of increased blood pressure, you should look out for signs like difficulty breathing or a bloody nose. You may need to visit a doctor if you notice sudden or dramatic shifts in your blood pressure.

Computer Eye Strain

Have you been staring at the screen for hours? You may need a break! Eye strain caused by screens can come with both headaches and blurred vision.


You’re never too young to learn the signs of a stroke. Headaches and fuzzy vision are two possible signals. If they occur along with an inability to move, slurred speech, or numbness, get medical help immediately.

Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide can prove deadly. Both headaches and brain fog can potentially act as signs of high carbon monoxide exposure. Other symptoms include vomiting, exhaustion, and nausea. While this cause isn’t a common one, it deserves immediate attention. Now is also a good time to remind everyone to check that their carbon monoxide detectors are working properly.


If you’ve ever experienced a migraine before, you know that it makes any other headache pale in comparison. It can even cause vomiting or an upset stomach. One way to tell that it’s about to strike is an aura, symptoms of which include temporary visual disturbances.

Concussions and Head Injuries

If you’ve recently hit your head and notice blurry vision and headaches, you should take the signs seriously. They may indicate a concussion, brain trauma, or a head injury. Please, seek medical help immediately!

Dropping Blood Sugar

Another of one the possible causes of headaches and blurred vision is dropping blood sugar. This also underscores how important diabetic eye care is. If you live with diabetes, remember to visit your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic for yearly diabetic eye care appointments. Additionally, don’t forget to seek immediate medical care if necessary!

An Out-of-Date Eye Prescription

Your glasses or contacts may not be performing their best anymore. If you notice persistent headaches and blurry sight, your eyes could be telling you that you need to update your vision prescription. We’re happy to help!


A headache can completely uproot your day. Add in fuzzy eyesight, and you suddenly need to adjust your plans. Thankfully, one of the ways to prevent the possible causes of headaches and blurred vision is within your reach: visiting your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic for a routine appointment. Head on over to our site and schedule your appointment today!

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