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Diabetic Eye Exams: Why They’re Critical

When you have diabetes, you don’t just need to remain vigilant about your blood sugar levels. You also need to carefully monitor your eye health and attend yearly eye exams. In fact, diabetic eye exams are critical—and they can help you best take care of your vision. Never had one before? Here’s all you need to know!

What are diabetic eye exams—and why are they critical?

Diabetic eye exams help you maintain your eye health—and receive relevant treatment when you need it! Regularly monitoring your eyes and your diabetes can make a world of difference! Not only can your physician spot potential problems before they worsen, you can also get specialized treatment. They can even prevent you from losing your vision entirely.

What do diabetic eye exams reveal?

People living with diabetes have troubles with their blood sugar. These problems can mean that the blood vessels in their eyes can be harmed. Diabetic eye exams can reveal that harm, as well as issues like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and cataracts.

What do diabetic eye exams involve?

Diabetic eye exams go a step beyond standard eye exams. After all, they’re intended give patients specialized medical care! Diabetic eye exams include standard vision tests, like reading a letter chart.

They also include your physician checking on your eye pressure, as well as checking on your eyes using lenses and lights. You may also experience pupil dilation, which will help your physician determine how well the blood vessels in your eyes are functioning.

Your doctor may also discuss your blood sugar and symptoms. Make sure you know—or even write down—this information.


You—and your eyes—deserve the best possible care. If you live with diabetes, then you should make sure that you schedule your yearly vision check. After all, diabetic eye exams can help you see better and feel better too.

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