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8 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Vision Prescription

Life right now seems to just get busier and busier! While we focus on things like getting the kids back to school, keeping the house in order, and working the daily shifts, other important tasks can completely skip our minds. That includes scheduling an eye exam! If you’ve observed any of these signs it’s time to update your vision prescription, you may need to pay us a visit soon.

Holding Your Phone Incorrectly

Hear us out! If you keep pressing your phone right up to your face—or you have to hold it far away—then you may be having vision troubles.

Recurring Headaches

Ow! Headaches are no joke—and they can interrupt your daily tasks. Recurring headaches could actually be one of the signs that it’s time to update your vision prescription. So, if they keep returning, consider getting your eyes tested.

Inability to Deal with Brightness

In other words, if light hurts your eyes, you may need to visit your eye doctor. A different prescription could solve the problem entirely!

A Recent Diabetes Diagnosis

Those who live with diabetes need special, specific eye exams. If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed, you may not know that fact! Try and make an appointment soon to ensure good health.

Running out of Contacts

In order to get new contacts, you usually need a prescription from within the last year, at the latest. If you’re about to run out—and more than a year has elapsed—head over to your local eye clinic.

A New School Year

Taking your child for a yearly eye exam can mean the difference between struggles and success. Though children don’t always know how to communicate that they have vision troubles, a simple vision test can help immensely.

Squinting Your Eyes

What does that page say? If you need to squint to put it into focus, your eyes need a bit of extra help!

A Long Time between Appointments

Try and remember when your last appointment was. If you can’t recall—or more than a year has gone by since then—you’re due for another visit.


It’s easy for life to get away from us at times. After all, we’re all working hard! Still, good eyesight is something that we can’t just take for granted—and maintaining it is as easy as visiting your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic. Next time you or your loved ones notice the signs it’s time to update your vision prescription, make an appointment on our site. You can also learn more about eye care on our blog!