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Vision Therapy: What Is It, and Why Is It Useful?

Our eyes work hard! Sometimes, though, they need a little help. That’s where vision therapy comes in to save the day. Never heard of this helpful service before today? Read on to learn just what it is—and how it could potentially lighten the load for you or your child.

What is vision therapy?

When children are younger, they may not be able to explain why they have trouble processing what they see, like words written on a dry erase board or that baseball flying across the field. This can cause difficulties with learning in school, playing sports, or simply just everyday tasks.

Ultimately, this can lead to quite a bit of stress, poor performance in school, and even motor issues. Doctors may suggest undergoing vision therapy, which offers a potential solution to all of those problems. And yes—adults can also benefit from treatment too!

How does vision therapy work?

At its core, vision therapy retrains people how to use their eyes, with exercises and tools. Think of it like a baton passing, teaching your eyes to pass off information and stimuli, or a baton, to your mind. At the end of the treatment, patients should be able to better process what they see.

What tools are used in vision therapy?

A patient can complete his or her vision therapy with the assistance of a great doctor—and some useful tools too. Some of the resources your doctor may use include:

  • Balance boards;
  • Filters;
  • Electronic targets;
  • Training glasses;
  • Prisms;
  • And more.

Why is it useful?

Vision therapy can completely transform how patients visually navigate the world. Not only can it help children improve in the classroom, but it can also help them improve their fine motor skills. That means better sports performances and more fun during playtime! People with certain eye conditions, such as crossed eyes or lazy eyes, can also find benefits in vision therapy.


Each day shines bright with possibilities—and we want to make the most of them all. If you or your child are encountering difficulties processing sights, vision therapy could make an enormous difference in your lives.

Learn more about this incredible treatment when you book an appointment at your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic. As for reading up on the realm of vision care—and how to take the best possible care of your eyes—check out our blog here.