Our experienced optometrists and eye care staff offer a wide variety of services.

Eye & Vision Exams

Regular eye exams will let our optometrists keep track of changes in your vision. Our comprehensive series of tests look at your visual acuity, eye health, and eye functioning. After these tests, we’ll give you recommendations for the next steps to care for your eyes.

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Contact Lens Exams

Before getting contact lenses, you need an exam to see if you can wear contacts and the type you’ll need. Our eye doctor will take measurements of your eye to fit you with the perfect pair of contacts. We also consult with our patients who want cosmetic lenses that help correct eye the appearance of your eyes.

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LASIK Consultation & Referrals

Ready to ditch your glasses? You will need an eye exam and referral before you get LASIK corrective surgery. Following the operation, you will still need follow-up care to verify the success of the procedure. We can help with either of these.

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Computer Vision Treatment

Working for too long on a computer can lead to eye strain, headaches, blurriness, and more. Our Mississippi optometrists can help you with computer vision treatment to make your job more comfortable.

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Sports Vision

If you need to keep your eyes sharp, make an appointment to talk to an eye doctor about a sports eye exam. Athletes have different needs when it comes to their eyes. You need to be able to see fast-moving objects and respond quickly. Let us help you see clearer on the field.

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Your skin needs sunscreen and your eyes need sunglasses. Both products protect you from the damaging effects of UV rays. At Mississippi Eye Care, you can find polarized sunglasses that help reduce glare in addition to standard lenses. Let us know your lifestyle, and we can help you find a pair of sunglasses for your eyes.

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Additional Information

Vision Therapy FAQ

Not everyone will need glasses or contacts to correct problems seeing clearly. In fact, if you have issues with visual processing, corrective lenses won’t help. You may need vision therapy that trains your brain to better process the information your eyes take in.

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