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7 Tips for Avoiding Computer Eye Strain

Have you ever spent a Saturday evening on your computer, only to notice a persistent headache? Or have you noticed sudden neck pain as you reply to emails at work? As it turns out, you may have been experiencing a common phenomenon: computer eye strain. Though it’s hard to phase laptops and desktops out of your life, you can still minimize the pain, blurry vision, dry eyes, and more. How? By trying out these tips for avoiding computer eye strain.

  • Look away. This is one of the easier tips for avoiding computer eye strain. Every 20 minutes or so, you should look away from the computer. Ideally, you will spend at least 20 seconds staring at something else, letting your eyes adjust. If you can, go on even longer breaks.
  • Balance the brightness. Did you know that your computer’s brightness should match the brightness of the room you’re in? Make sure to regularly adjust the setting on your computer—especially if you’re in a room with changing natural light.
  • Adjust font sizes. Instead of forcing your eyes to struggle to see, why not just adjust the font sizes on your computer? You can also zoom in instead of leaning in closer to the screen. After all, there’s nothing wrong with taking good care of your eyes.
  • Block excess natural lighting. Too much light can be a problem. If you have lamps, a sunlight, and a bright screen, that can spell computer eye strain. Though some natural light will probably stream in, you should try to block out as much as you can. That means closing windows, shutting drapes, and maybe even finding some helpful thick curtains. This will help you decrease the amount of glare on your computer.
  • When in doubt, blink. Are your eyes dry? Is it hard to see? You may not be blinking as much as you need to. Though your work may be engrossing, you also have to check on whether or not your eyes are doing their job too.
  • Create some distance. Leaning in close to your computer doesn’t just cause eye pain. It can also mean that your shoulders and neck hurt too. Not only should you try and keep your posture straight, but you should create some distance between yourself and your computer. In fact, it should be no less than two feet in distance from your face.
  • Schedule a yearly eye exam. Even if you already wear glasses or contacts, your prescription may change over the course of the year. That can exacerbate the eye strain you experience! Fortunately, at Mississippi Eye Care, you can fix the problem during your appointment.

Now that you know our tips for avoiding computer eye strain, it’s time to address the root of the problem. Eye strain and pain can mean that you need glasses—or an updated prescription. To schedule an eye exam at your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic, visit our website. Plus, to learn more about your eyes—and how to take care of them—check out our blog.