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Eye Care Tips for Your Favorite Summer Activities

Summer is just around the corner, but all those warm-weather activities are already heating up! But before you hit the lake, beach or enjoy your first cookout of the season, follow these eye care tips for your favorite summer activities.

Schedule your annual eye exam. 

As you gear up for a summer of adventures, consider scheduling your annual eye exam. Not only will this exam help detect vision issues, but it can also help catch any early-onset eye diseases.

Plus, when lounging in the sun, discovering new trails or making a splash, clear vision is essential for enjoying your summer to the fullest. An eye exam will assess your visual acuity to determine if you need glasses or a contact prescription, leading to optimal vision all season.

Prepare an eye care kit. 

One of the best eye care tips for your favorite summer activities is to prepare an eye care kit. Create this kit with ideal vision protection in mind as you go boating, camping, to the beach and more.

Essential items include spare contacts and glasses, lens cleaner, contact solution, eye drops, prescribed eye medications and sun protection, such as sunglasses or a hat.

Consider your eye safety options.

Do you have a lake adventure planned? Be ready for all the fun in the sun, from swimming to boating, by considering eye protection.

From water irritation and the sunlight reflecting off the water to exposure to UV rays, protect your eyes to help prevent the risk of various eye conditions like sunburned eyes and long-term damage such as cataracts.

Guard your eyes by wearing a hat or sunglasses with polarized lenses. You can even find ones designed specifically for water activities!

Shield your eyes from other elements.

The sun isn’t the only threat during outdoor summer activities. Check out these potential risks for these summer adventures:

  • Campfires and cookouts: When near open flames, shield your eyes to avoid dryness and debris getting into them.
  • Swimming: Chlorinated pools and salt water can cause eye irritation, so protect your eyes with goggles and care for your contact lenses properly.
  • Sand and dirt: Visiting lakes and beaches can get quite sandy. Add a layer of defense to your eyes by wearing eyewear to block out any particles. 


With these eye care tips for your favorite summer activities, you are now ready to take on the upcoming season! But are you looking for more vision healthcare tips and news? Continue reading our blogs for more information and explore the Mississippi Eye Care website to discover all our locations have to offer.