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8 Signs That You Should Get Your Vision Checked

Though you may not always notice the changes to your vision, an eye exam can help you spot them. Whether you wear glasses, contacts, or seem to have perfect sight, it’s imperative that you get regular eye exams. Unsure of when to go? Follow these signs that you should get your vision checked.

  • You experience regular headaches. If you’ve ever had a series of headaches that won’t go away, you know the pain and frustration that come with them. However, did you know that headaches can be a sign that your vision is declining? An eye exam may be the solution to the pain.
  • You’re having trouble in school. In school, you read from the board and go through textbook after textbook. If you can’t see them properly, you may be in for a whole world of trouble. Poor vision can result in poor grades. This makes getting your eyes examined important for students of all ages.
  • You’re a new driver. If it’s your first time learning to drive, you should have an eye exam before getting behind the wheel. That way, you can ensure a safer time on the road.
  • You’re running low on contacts. A low supply of contact lenses means it might be time to have an eye exam. The good news is that you can check two items off your to-do list by getting this done.
  • You’ve been wearing the same pair of glasses for years. It’s easy to convince yourself not to get a new pair of glasses. You may think that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. However, that means that you may be wearing a pair with lenses that are no longer helping your vision—a problem you should fix.
  • You keep squinting. Ah, squinting—one of the hallmark signs that you should get your vision checked. When you read, you shouldn’t have to narrow your eyes. Instead, take it as a sign that your eyes need some attention.
  • You want to make a switch. Some people like contacts. Others prefer glasses. Some people like to try them both. If you want to switch from glasses to contacts—or vice versa—make sure that you schedule an eye exam first. That way, you have the most accurate lenses.
  • A year has passed since your last exam. Even if you haven’t seen any other signs that you should get your vision checked, you should still go in for an eye exam every year. Check your calendar and make an appointment!

Good eyesight helps us stay safe and healthy. It also can make an immense difference in our everyday lives. Keeping an eye out for these signs that you should get your vision checked will help set you on the right path. Then, you can prioritize your health and make your daily life easier.

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