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9 Fast Facts About Blue Light and Your Vision

Have you heard about blue light? You encounter it every single day—and it can cause negative effects. Well, they say that knowledge is power. Read on to learn more about blue light and your vision. Plus, we’ll tell you how to counter its presence too.

You See It Daily

Can you guess where blue light shines? Answer: screens, like computers and phones, as well as LED and fluorescent light sources. Unless you’re living off the grid, it’s pretty tough to avoid it on a daily basis.

It’s Part of the Spectrum of Lights

All lights fall on a spectrum. Blue light sits on the farther side of it, but together, each color of light on the spectrum joins together to form sunlight.

It Has a Distinct Composition

Scientists have discovered that blue light has a distinct composition. It has more energy than all the other lights on the spectrum. Additionally, it has the shortest wavelength.

It Means Blue Skies Ahead

Next time someone asks you why the sky is blue, you’ll actually have an answer. It earns its hue from none other than blue light!

Our Eyes Struggle to Block It

Sometimes, our eyes need help. Blue light and your vision don’t work well together. In fact, our eyes struggle to block it. So, that explains why it can affect us so dramatically.

Cataract Surgery Patients Should Stay Vigilant

After a successful cataract surgery, you deserve to see clearly. The intraocular lens that you get during cataract surgery blocks various degrees of blue light, but won’t be exactly the same as your original lenses. So, please, know how your intraocular lens deals with all kinds of light, including blue light. Your doctor will happily answer if you ask!

It Can Brighten Your Day

Something about lights just makes us happy! As it turns out, in small doses, blue light rays can brighten our day, as a part of white light therapy. Doctors even recommend a controlled amount of it to help people deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Blue Light Exposure Can Cause Specific Side Effects

Unfortunately, blue light can take a toll on our eyes. Over the short term, it can cause computer eye strain, which brings headaches, blurry vision, and dry eyes. Over the long term, it may contribute to macular degeneration.

You Can Counter It with Blue Light Glasses

Blue light comes with some unwanted side effects. However, by wearing blue light glasses—also known as computer eye glasses—you can help filter it. Plus, the glasses themselves come in many affordable options.

Read more about ways to avoid computer eye strain here.


We can’t escape blue light—but we can show it who’s boss. Now that you know these fast facts about blue light and your vision, you can put your eyes first.

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