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Discover the Importance of Blinking

The average person typically blinks 13,440 to 16,320 times a day, each blink lasts about a tenth of a second. But why do we blink? Read on to discover the importance of blinking and the benefits for eye health.

Why do we blink?

Although it may not seem like blinking is a major part of your healthcare routine, it helps protect your eyes from infection, discomfort and more.

One of the most important benefits of blinking is that it cleans the surface of our eyes with tears. By washing away any debris in your eye, you can avoid irritations and have better clarity.

In addition, by coating your eyes with tears, blinking sharpens your vision by clearing and brightening the picture your retina receives. The importance of blinking doesn’t stop there, though. Blinking also nourishes your eyes with oxygen and nutrients and lubricates them.

Blinking and digital eye strain.

The benefits of blinking go beyond cleaning and lubricating your eyes. They also help with digital eye strain.

When working digitally, the average blinking rate decreases, meaning we don’t get the nourishment our eyes need. Keep your vision sharp and prevent your eyes from feeling strained due to screen time by blinking every 15 seconds.

Benefits of blinking with contacts.

Those who wear contact lenses can also benefit from frequent blinking. It can help reduce the quantity of solution or eye drops you need, keep your eyes from becoming scratchy or irritated and improve your vision while wearing cleaned contact lenses.


To summarize, blinking offers moisture, which keeps our eyes from drying out and helps wash irritations away. For eye health news and tips, like the importance of blinking, continue to read our blogs. And, for more facts about blinking, check out our blog offering six fast facts about blinking.

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