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Think of Your Eyes This Season: December Is Gift of Sight Month

December is Gift of Sight Month, a month-long celebration dedicated to making vision health a priority. Continue reading to learn more about it and how you can celebrate your vision.

About Gift of Sight Month

Designated by Versant Health, an American vision care company, December is Gift of Sight Month. The purpose is to emphasize the importance of yearly eye exams and routine vision maintenance, as well as having access to quality eye care.

Gift of Sight Month is dedicated to addressing these issues through action and education. And let’s remember, regular eye exams not only protect us from eye diseases, but sometimes they can also help detect other common diseases such as diabetes and dementia.

How to observe Gift of Sight Month

Wondering how you can celebrate the gift of sight? Here are three ways you can think of your eyes this season!

Get an eye exam

Whether you experience vision problems or not, a yearly eye exam is a good idea. Getting an eye exam can help maintain healthy vision, identify any vision impairment and treat other health conditions.

Educate yourself

Another good way to honor this month is by educating yourself on all things related to eye health.

To get started, check out our blog! There you can learn about when to schedule your child’s first eye exam, seasonal allergies and your eyes, the common causes of low vision and much more.

Raise awareness

Don’t keep the gift of sight to yourself—share it with all your friends and family! Post pictures of you getting your exam or share eye care tips this month.

Consider donating

What’s more? There are plenty of organizations you can donate to that work to improve people’s eyes and their access to good eye care because the ability to see is truly a gift.


So, keep in mind that December is Gift of Sight Month, and there is no better time to start caring for your vision than now. Visit your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic to learn more and book your next eye exam.