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January is National Eye Care Month

Are you looking for ways to maintain some of your New Year’s resolutions, such as prioritizing your health? Start by focusing on healthy vision, since January is National Eye Care Month.

About National Eye Care Month

January is National Eye Care Month, which means it’s the perfect time to give your eyes the attention and care they deserve. After all, our eyes are the second most complex organ, following the brain at number one.

With more than one million nerve fibers, the ability to see about 10 million different colors and the ability to focus on as many as 50 objects every second, our eyes are exceptional. What’s more, they can be protected by doing a few simple things.

How to observe National Eye Care Month

The following ways to celebrate National Eye Care Month are sure to benefit your vision, or that of others, for months to come. So, check out these suggestions and get ready to see the results!

Schedule your annual eye exam.

New year, new you and new habits! Keep the momentum going by starting the year with your annual comprehensive eye exam. Scheduling an eye exam each year helps with early detection and protects your vision over time.

Typically, our eyes tend to change as we age. Even if you have 20/20 vision now, routine eye exams help correct the oftentimes unnoticeable, gradual loss of vision.

Promote healthy vision and awareness.

Do you already spend time on social media? Add to your content by sharing the fact that January is National Eye Care Month. Encourage your friends and family to book their annual eye exams, update their eyewear prescriptions and more all month long.

Encourage healthy vision with a healthy lifestyle.

This could be as easy as adding—or removing—a few key items from your diet, for example. In fact, we’ve covered such topics before, including How Your Diet Can Negatively Affect Your Eye Health and 8 Foods to Eat for Eye Health This Holiday Season.

You can find additional eye care tips in our blogs, like 8 Ways to Show Your Eyes Love and 6 Ways to Care for Your Eyes This Spring, from wearing sunglasses to staying hydrated.

Let your eyes rest.

Finally, you can appreciate your eyes by letting them rest. Take regular screen time breaks throughout your day, blink often and make sure you get plenty of sleep.


To summarize, January is National Eye Care Month, giving us all the perfect excuse to make our eyes and healthy vision a priority from the start! Connect with your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic to book your next comprehensive eye exam. Keep reading our blogs for more eye care tips and other industry news.