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6 Common Causes of Low Vision

People all over the world live with these common causes of low vision, which is a term that signifies vision loss that cannot be corrected by contacts or glasses. Whether you’re worried about your eyesight, have questions, or want to get proactive, check out these possible reasons for decreasing vision. And if you have any difficulties reading the blog, well, you know who to contact!

Diabetic retinopathy

Poor circulation. Fatigue. Increased thirst. They all result from diabetes—and so does diabetic retinopathy. This eye condition results in leaking blood vessels in your retina. If you live with diabetes, make sure to get your yearly diabetic eye exam!

Macular degeneration

Some may experience this condition with age. Others may acquire it because of cigarette smoke exposure. It targets your retina and can result in vision loss and bloody eyes. As you or your loved ones grow older, the importance of regular eye exams grows because of conditions like this. In fact, for those 50 and older, it’s the number one factor to blame for blindness.

Brain or head injuries

Yet another reason to treat brain or head injuries with the utmost caution! If you have experienced something like this, please seek immediate treatment. Not only can it mediate the damage of concussions or brain swelling, but it can genuinely save your life. It also can cause low vision—so let your eye doctor know if you notice a decrease in your sight after an incident.


The dreaded air puff test has an important purpose: detecting the pressure your eye can withstand. It can also determine if you have glaucoma—one of the common causes of low vision. This condition can lead to vision loss, but it does respond well to early treatment.


You may be able to tell with one glance if someone has cataracts, due to the cloudy film the condition causes. It also can result in low vision or blindness. Common causes range physical trauma to exposure from the sun’s rays. Wear your sunglasses, everyone!


This condition is also known colloquially as a “lazy eye.” When your eyes have trouble working together, one may lag. Ultimately, it can cause worsened eyesight, but vision therapy can help!


Worsening eyesight doesn’t have to control your whole life. If you’ve experienced any of these common causes of low vision, we can help. Visit your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic to get started. Plus, while you’re waiting for your appointment, feel free to browse through our blog here!