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4 Tips to Avoid the Eye Doctor This Halloween

Fall is upon us, and it’s officially spooky season, which means Halloween is just around the corner! From face paint and masks to pointy accessories and colorful contacts, many Halloween costumes can increase the risk of eye injuries. Follow these 4 tips to avoid the eye doctor this Halloween.

Avoid costumes that obstruct your vision.

Whether you’re going as a superhero or spooky character, wearing a mask can be quite inconvenient. Masks can restrict your vision, especially your peripheral vision, and make it difficult to navigate, which is already hard in the dark.

If your costume involves a mask, be sure to test it out beforehand and make sure your vision isn’t obstructed. If so, ditching the mask may be the best option for a safe night of trick-or-treating.

Stay away from sharp props.

Swords, wings, arrows and so much more—accessories make costumes fun! But if these pointy props accidentally hit someone in the eye, they can lead to many unexpected eye injuries.

Common eye injuries from pointy Halloween accessories include scratched corneas, eye tissue damage and bruises. We advise caution when picking accessories for your costume and even suggest looking for blunt props or forgoing large items.

Look for hypoallergenic face paint and avoid the eye area.

Planning to paint your face for your costume? Use hypoallergenic face paint and makeup for your look! Halloween nights can be hot in costumes, and sweating paint and makeup into your eyes can lead to many irritations.

Our tips to avoid the eye doctor this Halloween include avoiding the eye area, eyelids, and lashes when applying your paint or makeup.

Abstain from using contact lenses that weren’t prescribed by an eye doctor.

Contact lenses help us see the world clearly! That is, if they are prescribed by a doctor.

We know colored contacts can add to a look, but you should never purchase a pair of contacts without being fitted or prescribed a pair. By wearing unprescribed contacts, you are at risk of giving yourself an infection.


With these tips to avoid the eye doctor this Halloween, you are now ready to get your costume together. Need an idea? Check out our past blog, “9 Costume Ideas with Glasses.”

And for more Halloween eye care tips, general eye care information and industry news, continue reading our blogs.

In addition, if it’s time for your annual eye exam or you’re experiencing changes in your vision, visit the closest Mississippi Eye Care clinic near you.