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Halloween Eye Safety: Here’s What You Should Know

Keeping a flashlight and cellphone handy. Watching out for cars along the road. Sticking with a buddy. We all know the general safety basics expected on October 31. Still, many of us may not know enough about Halloween eye safety. Learning more about this topic can save your vision—so ditch scary outcomes and prepare thoroughly by reading up on the subject here!

Do a Costume Test Run

Halloween eye safety may merit some extra prep time. Does your costume involve goggles, glasses, or masks? Are you using heavy false lashes? Or are you going all-out on the eye makeup? Do a costume test run first, to make sure that you can safely navigate in your Halloween look. That way, you know you won’t fall and get hurt. This task is especially important if you have any little ones, who are a bit clumsier, so pencil in a test for the kids too.

Check Your Makeup’s Expiration Date

Yes, makeup expires—and using it past that marked date can cause problems. Always check your makeup’s expiration date. And if you used that eye shadow or paint last year—toss it! You don’t want to cause infections.

Avoid Buying Cheap Colored Contacts

Colored contacts may appear to be the perfect finishing touch on your Halloween costume. However, if you don’t buy them from an eye clinic, you may regret the decision for the rest of your life. Not only is it illegal for costume shops and other venues to stock contacts over the counter, but they can forever damage your eyesight.

Ditch Dangerous Props

Some props are more trouble than they’re worth—especially for little kids. If you have a fake mace, sword, or collapsible prop to carry along with your costume, you may be better off leaving it at home or saving it for a quick picture.

Read up on Contact Care

Are you using a pair of colored contacts purchased from an eye care clinic? And if so, have you ever worn contacts? You should read up on contact care beforehand. Even if you’ve worn them in the past, it’s always smart to get a refresher. We have a helpful guide here!

You Shouldn’t Share Eye Make-Up

Eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara help us transform on Halloween. However, don’t be tempted to share any eye makeup with a friend! That can lead to infections and spread germs or illnesses.

Clean Everything off before You Head to Sleep

It’s tempting to crawl right into bed after a fun—but long—Halloween. Still, keeping that makeup on overnight can cause irritation. It can also make your skin break out. Not only should you thoroughly clean off all makeup before you head to sleep, but you should also remove your contacts with newly-washed hands. If your little one is the one with the face paint on, help him or her remove it with a warm washcloth.


Halloween should have fun scares—not frightful ones. By following these Halloween eye safety rules, you can expect treats, not tricks. And if you need new contacts, an updated prescription, glasses, and more, don’t forget to visit us at Mississippi Eye Care! Finally, to learn more about eye care, you can check out our blog.