5 Common Halloween Eye Injuries

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We’re five days away from Halloween! Treat yourself to a night of frightening fun while avoiding the boo’s and these common Halloween eye injuries with these helpful tricks! Eye infections. Carefully select the makeup you use for your Halloween transformation, including fake eyelashes and glitter. Certain ingredients, pigments or additives…

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The Benefits of Wearing Sports Sunglasses

Spring is in full swing—and that means several popular sports and other outdoor activities are too. Get the most out of your outside time thanks to the benefits of wearing sports sunglasses. What are sports sunglasses? Asking yourself what sports sunglasses are exactly? Basically, they are performance sunglasses designed with…

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Choosing Protective Sports Eyewear: 5 Things to Consider

When you play a sport, protecting your vision is critical. Not only can it impact your performance in the game, but it can prevent injuries or worsening vision in everyday life. That makes choosing protective sports eyewear a big decision. Need a little guidance? Here a few helpful points to…

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