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The Benefits of Wearing Sports Sunglasses

Spring is in full swing—and that means several popular sports and other outdoor activities are too. Get the most out of your outside time thanks to the benefits of wearing sports sunglasses.

What are sports sunglasses?

Asking yourself what sports sunglasses are exactly? Basically, they are performance sunglasses designed with specific functions and features in mind.

Those functions and features lead us right back to the benefits of wearing sports sunglasses, so let’s take a look at why they are helpful.

They protect your eyes from impact.

First of all, sports sunglasses protect your eyes from impact.

Whether it’s a speeding ball or an elbow, sports sunglass lenses are designed to take a hit. Polycarbonate lenses, for example, are impact- and scratch-resistant.

In fact, those are features that the Mississippi State University baseball players look for in the sports sunglasses they find at our sister store, Mississippi Eyewear Starkville!

They filter the sun’s bright rays.

Most sports sunglasses come with UV protection. But make sure the lenses will block 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB radiation.

Sunglasses act as a barrier against foreign objects.

Sports sunglasses offer a layer of protection from a range of possible foreign objects. Dust, dirt, bugs, rocks and even fingers are blocked by protective eyewear.

Sports sunglasses enhance clarity.

When it comes to the benefits of wearing sports sunglasses, not only do you look sharp, objects themselves become sharper.

For instance, polarized lenses are good for sports and outdoor activities where reducing glare from reflecting light is important.

Also, getting your eyes checked before buying performance sunglasses could help with better clarity. Even the slightest change in your prescription can make a big difference on the field.

They can help with definition.

Certain lens tints can help define specific things. For example, rose and rose copper lenses are good for daytime play. These shades will make it easier to spot a baseball against the blue sky or green grass.


In a nutshell, wearing the right kind of sports sunglasses will improve your performance overall. However, for the best fit and style for your needs, visit your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic and let the experts help you! Keep reading our blogs for more vision health news and other ways to protect your eyes.