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7 Ways to Give the Gift of Good Vision This Holiday Season

It’s hard to make fun, festive memories if you—or a loved one—are having trouble seeing. Fortunately, there’s a solution—and it can help you cross a few gifts off of the shopping list too! This holiday season, try out these ways to give the gift of good vision.

Schedule an Eye Exam for a Loved One

Thoughtful presents are always the best. Make life easy on your loved one or loved ones by scheduling an eye exam. That way, all they have to do is show up!

Pick up New Frames or Contacts

Imagine it: wrapping the perfect pair of frames or some nice new contacts. It’s a considerate present that the recipient will use each and every day. If your loved one has recently gotten a new prescription, this is one of the wonderful ways to give the gift of good vision.

Select a Stocking Stuffer

Browse your local Mississippi Eye Care location for eyewear accessories and supplies, gift cards and more stocking stuffer ideas!

Give the Gift of Education

Do you have children? Nieces or nephews? Grandchildren? You can find age-appropriate books on eye health and eye care, as well as books about protagonists wearing glasses. “Arthur’s Eyes,” the “Harry Potter” series, or stories about historical figures like Louis Braille are a few ideas you can use.

Make a New Year’s Resolution

The New Year is coming up! Make the resolution to take care of your eyes in 2020 and beyond—and encourage your loved ones to do the same.

Eat Eye-Healthy Snacks

During the holidays, we like to indulge. Don’t forget to also eat eye-healthy foods like hummus, salmon, or kale salads. Even a bit of turkey can actually help your eye health as well—so dig into a seasonal favorite!

Gift Yourself with FSA Benefits

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of using your FSA benefits! Have you spent all the money in your FSA account this year? If you have some left over, you can use it to make an eye appointment and get a new prescription. If you’ve never heard of an FSA account before, take the time to learn more about it—and maybe even take advantage of the plan in 2020.


There are plenty of ways to give the gift of good vision this holiday season. Visit our website to schedule an appointment and come see us in-person at your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic to get started. We can’t wait to see you! As for learning more about eye health, check out our blog.