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What You Should Know About Computer Vision Treatment

Does your weekly computer screen time continue to increase? Whether it’s because of work or entertainment, here’s what you should know about computer vision treatment and how it can help reduce future vision problems.

What is computer vision syndrome?

Before we get into what you should know about computer vision treatment, we should talk about computer vision syndrome.

If you have two or more hours of continuous screen time, you may notice certain symptoms. For instance, your vision could blur. Your eyes could feel dry and scratchy. You could experience neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches.

Even if these symptoms seem mild, it’s important to have your vision checked to ensure bigger issues don’t arise.

What our doctors check for during your visit

When you schedule an eye exam at your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic, our doctors will start by reviewing your symptoms and your vision health history. This includes taking your current prescription into account.

During the eye exam, your visual acuity will be measured. Refraction tests will help find the right lens prescription to optimize your vision as well.

Additional tests checking how well your eyes work together and how quickly and accurately your eyes can focus on objects at varying distances will also be performed. From there, a treatment plan can be developed to help address your computer vision syndrome symptoms.

One option could include specially designed glasses to wear while using a computer or during screen time. For patients with existing corrective lenses, a newer, more computer-friendly prescription may be the best option.

Other ways to reduce computer eye strain

Besides special glasses or new prescriptions, you could also incorporate a few other tactics to reduce computer eye strain.

For instance, you can reduce computer glare by adjusting your lighting. You can also adjust your computer setup, including placing your monitor about 15-20 degrees lower than eye level when you sit about 20-28 inches from the screen.

Finally, take breaks to let your eyes rest—and blink often to keep your eyes moist.


Finally, when it comes to what you should know about computer vision treatment, Mississippi Eye Care is here to help! If you have noticed any of the above symptoms or any changes to your vision, contact your local clinic to schedule an appointment. For more industry news, keep reading our blogs!