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7 Tips for Safe Night Driving

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From low lighting to glaring headlights, driving at night can be challenging for some. With summer vacations and increased traffic on the horizon, it’s a good time to share these top seven tips for safe night driving.

Keep your windshield clean.

Thoroughly clean your dirty, fogged or streaked windshield, inside and out, often. This will help reduce glare and increase visibility.

Look away from oncoming traffic.

In other words, do not stare directly into the lights of oncoming traffic! Try to avert your gaze down and to the right, while remaining focused on the white traffic line when you are faced with bright headlights.

Double-check your headlights.

For starters, make sure your headlights are also clean to help with better visibility. Remember to double check your bulbs too. If they are dim, clouded or burned out, replace the bulbs yourself or have a professional car service help.

Finally, make sure your headlights are pointed in the right direction.

Dim your interior lights.

To help reduce additional distractions, dim your dashboard and other interior lights. If they are too bright, looking from your dashboard back to the dark road, for example, can be disorienting. You can also lower your visor to help lessen the glare from outside street lights and more.

Slow down!

One of the best tips for safe night driving is to lower your speed. Driving slower offsets limited visibility and a delayed reaction time. Give yourself plenty of time to see faraway obstacles and to react to the road conditions too.

Consider glasses with non-glare lenses.

Instead of nighttime driving glasses, get prescription lenses with a non-glare coating. Typically, these types of coatings can greatly reduce eye strain and reflections during both the day and night. That means better visibility and clearer vision overall.

What’s more, anti-glare coatings also help protect your lenses from dirt, smudges and scratches.

Schedule an eye exam.

Last but not least on the list of tips for safe night driving is to book your next comprehensive eye exam at your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic! Be sure to tell your doctor about your vision concerns, including difficulty driving at night.


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