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Caring for Contact Lenses: The Dos and Don’ts

We all like to start out fresh in the New Year! For some of us, that means switching from glasses to contacts. If you’re new to them—or you’re looking for a helpful refresher—follow this guide to caring for contact lenses.

DO: Replace Your Contacts as Directed

Always follow the directed usage time for your contacts. It should be on the package, but you can ask your physician if you need help. Otherwise, you could end up with a nasty infection.

DON’T: Wear Your Contacts to Sleep

Wearing your contacts to sleep can cause a whole host of problems. It’s best to take them out at bedtime and put them on in the morning.

DO: Wash Your Hands

This can’t be said enough! Washing your hands can prevent the spread of bacteria. You should also wash under the nail and keep your nails relatively short, if possible.

DON’T: Use Household Chemicals to Clean Your Contacts

A saline solution will be enough to keep your contacts clean. Never ever use household chemicals or disinfectants! They could seriously damage your eyes.

DO: Clean Your Contacts

Each morning, wash your contacts with your saline solution. You can (very gently) massage it into the lens for around five to 20 seconds. That way, they’re nice and clean. And remember: caring for your contacts means that you’re also caring for yourself.

DON’T: Clean Your Contacts with Water

Water doesn’t have the same disinfecting power of saline solution. It can even cause the spread of germs or, in very rare cases, amoebas or parasites.

DO: Dispose of Damaged Contacts

Though we all hate to toss something before its time runs out, sometimes the best thing you can do is dispose of damaged contacts. Inspect them for tears. If you notice any damage, it’s time for a new pair.

DON’T: Put on Contacts with Broken Packaging

If your contact packaging has breaks or damage, that means your contacts could be ruined—even if you’ve never used them. Prioritize your health and find a pair with closed packaging.


Your contacts help you see the world clearly and brightly. Though they can offer amazing sights, they also require healthy wearing practices. As you’re caring for your contact lenses, don’t forget these crucial do’s and don’ts.

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