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Keeping Your Eyes in Check: July is Healthy Vision Month

For some, eye exams may just seem routine—but they’re actually an excellent way to help your eyes stay healthy. Like regular doctor visits and dentist appointments, eye check-ups can detect early signs of disease and help find solutions. Since July is Healthy Vision Month this year, now would be a fitting time to schedule one!

How to Keep Vision Healthy

Of course, a way to keep vision as healthy as possible is by seeing a professional during an eye exam. A dilated eye check-up will help clear up any foggy areas you may have concerning your vision. A licensed professional can use this test to ascertain the need for further correction, including contacts and glasses. Plus, this type of exam can reveal the development of many eye-related diseases.

Because July is Healthy Vision Month, it makes sense to schedule an eye exam sometime soon. But what are some other ways we can keep our vision in tip-top shape? Well, there’s quite a few. And there’s some good news too. Most vision issues can be prevented!

Things We Can Do

The old adage “you are what you eat” may ring truer than we think. Fortunately, there are foods that help boost our eye health. Carrots have been linked with continued eye health—as well as other foods. Leafy vegetables and fish high in omega-3 fatty acids also contribute to protecting our eyesight.

Along that same vein, being in good health helps support our eyes. That includes maintaining a healthy weight, refraining from smoking, keeping physically active, and giving our eyes and bodies plenty of rest. In fact, there seems to be a relationship between poor health and vision. People who report vision problems experience more adverse conditions, like diabetes and even depression.

Taking care of ourselves, and our eyes, extends to other areas as well. Donning proper eyewear when out and about blocks harmful rays from entering our eyes. Doing this helps keep our eyes safer throughout the day, whether we’re at work or play.


So what’s the key to keeping our vision the best it can be? While many factors come into play regarding eye health, eye exams can’t be understated. They’re invaluable in maintaining our healthy vision.

Since July is Healthy Vision Month, scheduling an eye exam would be quite appropriate. Schedule one with us at Mississippi Eye Care! Our licensed eye care professionals boast years of experience and are well-equipped to look after your vision. Plus, for more eye-related expertise, be sure to browse through our blog!