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9 Fast Facts About Eyebrows

Do you ever sit and wonder about eyebrows? Like, why we still have them? Do you know anybody without eyebrows? How much time do you spend grooming yours? We’ll answers these questions and more with our surprising fast facts about eyebrows.

They serve an important purpose.

Like eyelashes, eyebrows help keep sweat and dirt out of our eyes. But did you realize the shape of our eyebrows actually deflects water from going straight into our eyes? For example, rain and sweat hit your eyebrows and run down the sides of your face—preventing it from going in your eyes.

You have more than you think!

On average, we have about 250 eyebrow hairs per eyebrow. However, there are reports of ungroomed brows having more than 1,000 hairs!

Eyebrows have a lifespan.

Again, like most body hair, eyebrows have a growth cycle. This fast fact about eyebrows lets us know they last about four months before falling out.

They don’t hide your emotions well!

If people think eyes are the window to your soul, they must know eyebrows show your true feelings. Unless you opt for Botox, your eyebrows are capable of revealing your surprise, frustration, laughter, curiosity, annoyance and so much more.

Eyebrows make you recognizable.

Studies have indicated that when people were shown celebrities without eyebrows, almost half of them were unrecognizable! Eyebrows are like the Mississippi River—a much-needed landmark.

Eyebrows can have cowlicks.

As if having a head full of cowlicks wasn’t enough, your eyebrows can have them too! Typically, they are more common in people with wavy or curly hair.

They are temperamental.

Did you know eyebrows grow faster in the hotter, more active summer months? Not surprisingly, another among the fast facts about eyebrows is they grow slower during the colder winter.

Eyebrows are sensitive to stress.

Stress has been known to cause eyebrows to grow super slowly or stop growing all together!

People have a long tradition of eyebrow grooming.

While the styles, thickness and tools may change, one thing is remains true. People like grooming their eyebrows. In fact, we are becoming more and more brow-centric!


Where would we be without our eyebrows? Apparently, expressionless and practically unrecognizable! We love all parts of the eye—including the eyebrows and eyelashes! Remember to reach out to your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic when it’s time to get your eyes checked.

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