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8 Tips for Protecting Your Eyes While Swimming This Summer

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When you go to the pool or the beach, you know to put on sunscreen. After all, you want to keep your skin healthy! Well, your eyes also need some extra care during the warmer months. So, enjoy your time on the water with peace of mind when you follow these tips for protecting your eyes while swimming.


Drinking water helps the whole body stay healthy! Yes, it helps us stay cool, energized, and clearheaded. But did you know that water also affects our eyes? It prevents them from getting dry and dehydrated—which happens to many swimmers.

Ditch the Contacts

One of the big tips for protecting your eyes while swimming involves contacts. Though some of us depend on them for clear vision, we shouldn’t actually wear them underwater. Though it’s rare, it can lead to something called “acanthamoebic keratitis.” Essentially, it occurs when an amoeba becomes stuck under your contact. Even worse, it can cause vision damage.

Don’t Open Your Eyes Underwater

Almost all of us have done it! Still, we shouldn’t open our eyes underwater. Not only can we develop eye infections, but the chlorine can dry out our eyes. Or, in the case of the ocean, the salt water can irritate your eyes as well.

Wear Goggles

Don’t worry—you can safely see what’s going on in the water. Put on a pair of goggles—and make sure that they fit properly. Otherwise, the water will rush in and cancel out your efforts.

Try Prescription Sunglasses or Transitions Lenses

If you’re just wading or dipping your feet, you still need to protect your eyes from sun damage. Slip on a pair of prescription sunnies or transitions lenses to stay safe and stylish.

Get a Pair of Prescription Goggles

Sunglasses aren’t the only prescription eye protection you can wear this summer. If you want to swim without contacts, consider a pair of prescription goggles.

Ask Your Eye Doctor About Eye Drops

Ever notice itchy, dry eyes after you leave the pool? Your corneas may have become dehydrated! You can counter this side effect of chlorine with eye drops. Just check with your eye doctor first, so that you can find the best option for your needs.

See Your Eye Doctor If Necessary

We know—no one wants to stop a beach day short! However, if you notice a burning sensation in your eyes, suddenly worsening vision, or discharge, you may need to see your eye doctor. Better safe than sorry!


No need to dream of days spent poolside—the time is here! You can make the most of them by following these tips for protecting your eyes while swimming.

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