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10 Common Eye Problems and Their Causes

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You know your eyes. So, if you notice any changes in them, they’re well worth paying attention to. From dry eyes to eyestrain, we’ll examine 10 common eye problems and their causes. But please, remember—don’t hesitate to seek medical attention if necessary! Doctors always prefer that people choose check-ups over just going about their days without doing a thing. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Approximately one in 12 men and one in 200 women live with colorblindness. Predominantly, people are born with this condition, which is caused by the cones in your eyes. In people with this condition, these cells, which process color, may not be present, or they will only function partially. Additionally, having diabetes can facilitate later-in-life development of colorblindness.

Burst Blood Vessels

Too much pressure, and your blood vessels in your eyes may burst. Sneezing, vomiting, and even giving birth can all lead to this condition. This may also occur post-surgery or as a result of blood-thinning medicine. Keep an eye on your healing—and see a doctor if needed.

Eye Strain

Headaches. Dry eyes. Neck pain. Eye strain can serve as the culprit for them all. Whether you’ve stared at a screen for too long or you haven’t given your eyes a rest in general, you need a break. Learn all about preventing computer eye strain here.


Cataracts have a distinct look. Milky and white, they cloud your eyes with a film. Scarily enough, they can grow painlessly—so you might not even know about their existence. Diabetes, ocular injuries, or aging can all lead to this condition.


Every once and a while, you may notice specks or dots in your vision. If they happen occasionally—like when you rub your eyes—you probably don’t need to worry. However, if they occur frequently, they may signal that you have a retinal detachment. And also—stop rubbing your eyes!

Reddening Eyes

Allergies, anyone? Reddening eyes often arrive with spring pollen and other allergens. However, if you also notice discharge around your eyes, you may have pinkeye to blame. Or, if you’ve looked at the sun without UV light protection, you may have a sunburn. They also come as companion to sleepless nights!


Speaking of pinkeye! Also know as conjunctivitis, this annoying affliction happens when the tissue around your sclera and eyelids gets inflamed. It may also occur in conjunction with the flu—which is just no fair. Make sure to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly to prevent it!

Dry Eyes

Another one of the many common eye problems and their causes seems to have arrived in full swing this season. Dry eyes can appear as a result of allergies. Notably, the root cause has to do with moisture production—or the lack of it. However, when it persists year-round, the condition may actually reflect dry eye disease.


When high pressure exerts itself on your eyes, you may have glaucoma. This condition can easily rob your eyes of their vision. So, if you are subject to any of its causes—like diabetes, inflammatory conditions, or blocked blood vessels—see your doctor ASAP.

Hyperopia and Presbyopia

Hyperopia and presbyopia are just the medical terms for farsightedness and nearsightedness, respectively. Farsightedness happens when you have a shorter eyeball. Nearsightedness, on the other hand, appears as the result of longer eyeballs, which make it hard for light to hit the retina.


There are so many sights to see—and we want to view them all! Protect your vision by properly dealing with these common eye problems and their causes. Make an appointment on our website if you need to address these or any other eye and vision issues. Last but not least, you can learn all about vision care on our eye-opening blog.