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Comparison: Clip-Ons, Prescription Sunglasses and Transition Lenses

We love daylight savings in the spring! Each time we set our clocks forward, we know that sunny days await on the horizon. Of course, that means we also have a particular challenge to conquer too: protecting our vision from UV light. With all the options out there, though, how can you choose? Together, let’s run through clip-ons, prescription sunglasses, and transition lenses to determine which option works best for you.


What are clip-ons?

They make it easy with the name! Essentially, clip-ons are sunglass lenses that clip onto your regular glasses lenses.

The Benefits

Clip-ons don’t depend on a prescription. That means you don’t have to worrying about updating them! They also will give you significant protection from UV lights. And last of all, they stand out as a budget-friendly pick.

The Drawbacks

Clip-ons take more time and attention than the other choices. After all, you want to make sure that they fit correctly. You’ll also have to carry around a case with them inside—which can feel cumbersome.

Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses stand a step above of regular sunnies! These pairs come tailored to your prescription, so you can see clearly and protect your eyes at the same time.

The Benefits

When you wear prescription sunglasses, you know you can see clearly. So, if you want, you can switch out your regular glasses for something that blocks out UV the sunlight. Plus, they come in a wide variety of stylish options—so you have choices. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about waiting for them to shift on or fix them if they get dislodged. As opposed to clip-ons, they’re an all-in-one option!

The Drawbacks

Before you make your choice, it helps to know about the drawbacks. Carrying around two pairs of glasses can be a little annoying if you don’t have somewhere to store them. Additionally, updating your sunglasses with your new prescription every year or two is another factor to have to consider. Finally, you’ll need to check to make sure that they fully block UV light. Not all pairs do!

Transition Lenses

What are transition lenses?

When comparing clip-ons, prescription sunglasses, and transition lenses, the latter option keeps you covered no matter the environment. Indoors, transition lenses let you view the world through your typical pair of glasses lenses. Once you go outside, though, they’ll transform into sunglasses, filtering out UV light.

Fun fact: there are also transitions contact lenses too!

The Benefits

The ultimate versatile option! If you don’t want to change out from glasses to sunnies or if you don’t want to clip on lenses, you’ll love transitions glasses. They offer convenience all day long! Not to mention, you only need one pair to do the work of both glasses and sunglasses.

The Drawbacks

It’s a personal thing! Some folks prefer the aesthetic of clip-ons or sunglasses over transitions lenses. They may also not want to wait the four minutes it typically takes for the lenses to lighten back up when they go inside. Additionally, they may struggle to activate while you’re driving. As a solution, you can stand outside until they’ve transitioned.


Clip-ons, prescription sunglasses, and transition lenses—they each bring a unique set of benefits. If you think you’ve decided on your favorite, we have good news! You can find just what you need at your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic. Make an appointment on our website to get started. And in the meantime, you can also look through our blog to learn all about healthy vision.