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8 Reasons to Be Thankful for Eye Care

During Thanksgiving, many people share one thing they’re grateful for before digging into a delicious turkey dinner. For us, there’s nothing we appreciate more than healthy eyes. In fact, here are some of the endless reasons to be thankful for eye care. Feel free to use them when it’s your turn to share one of your blessings at the Thanksgiving table!

Better Academic Performances

School offers unique challenges for us all. Some people love the logic of math, while others can craft the perfect essay. One thing that unites us all is the fact that good eyesight means better academic performances!

Seeing Loved Ones

Sight plays a big part in forming memories. It also allows us to see our loved ones clearly!

Preventing Headaches

Poor vision can mean painful headaches. The proper prescription can prevent that—and it’s one of the many reasons to be thankful for eye care.

Lifesaving Care

When you go to your local optometrist, you may receive lifesaving care. Your doctor is trained to see tumors and cancers. That makes visiting him or her one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

Detecting Diseases

Did you know that your eye doctor can also see if you have diabetes, glaucoma, blood diseases, and more? It’s true! All it takes is a simple visit.


Before glasses and contacts, poor vision could limit people’s lives. Now, with eye care so easily accessible, we have more and more independence in our everyday lives. Driving, playing sports, and even reading—good vision care makes it all possible.

Athletic Success

Healthy vision can help you in your academic field of choice. It can also help you in an actual field—or swimming pool—or track.

Self-Expression and Confidence

Modern eye care can help you with self-expression! Not only can you choose from stylish glasses, colored contacts, or even spectacles that clip around your neck, you can embrace your personality and great vision at the same time. That means a big boost in confidence!


There are countless reasons to thankful for eye care. For us, the best part of providing vision care is the fact that we’re helping our customers live better lives—every single day. Don’t forget to visit our website and schedule a vision test! Plus, for more on the wide world of vision, check out our blog.