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7 Fall Activities that Require Eye Protection

The calendars don’t lie—it’s finally autumn! Fires, football, and fresh air are all on the horizon. As you plan for them, remember that they’re also fall activities that require eye protection. A season without safety is scarier than Halloween, so don’t forget to look after your vision.

Going to School

Now that your family is back in school, is your child complaining about seeing the board or having a harder time keeping his or her grades up compared to last year? With virtual classes, are your students experiencing eye strain and headaches from excessive screen time? Even if the school year is a few months in, there’s always time to schedule your student’s yearly eye appointment to help solve issues like these.

Raking Leaves

Put on those safety goggles! You’ll need them as you rake your leaves. After all, no one wants dirt or leaf fragments in their eyes.

Using Power Tools around the Yard

Whether you’re cleaning the gutters, pressure-washing the sidewalk, or turning on a leaf blower, you need to protect your eyes. Find the right pair of safety goggles or glasses, so that you can see just how good your hard work looks after you’re finished.

Playing Sports

We love cheering on fall sports—like football! Still, for those of us playing the game, eye protection remains essential. That means wearing the proper gear—and attending yearly sports vision tests. From improving coordination, to ocular tracking, to eye alignment, a sports vision test can turn the tide for any team player. You can even find sports eyewear at your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic.

Cutting Firewood

Before you can go to the bonfire, you need some firewood! Always wear protective eye goggles during every step of cutting firewood. You should also wear the proper gloves and follow all safety procedures. You can also find firewood at many local home improvement shops—and even some grocery stores!

Enjoying the Fresh Air

Sunglasses aren’t just a summer accessory! You need them in the fall too. They’ll make a great fashion statement—and keep your eyes safe at the same time.

Viewing Zoom Events and Classes

In the past few months, many events and classes have gone virtual! Though that change helps keep us safe, it can also contribute to computer eye strain. You may need computer eyeglasses to soften the light—and reduce headaches, eye pain, and more.


After a hot summer, we’re thrilled that it’s autumn. As we enjoy the seasonal fun, we should also remember to take all precautions, especially with fall activities that require eye protection. Nothing is better than peace of mind!

Still need the proper protective eye gear? You can make an appointment for your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic on our site. You can also learn more about eye care and eye safety by reading our blog.