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6 Types of Sports Vision Tests

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Basketball, lacrosse, football, and more—all kinds of sports require that athletes take sports vision tests. Not only is your performance impacted by your eyesight, but your safety is too. If you’re an athlete, these are some of the types of sports vision tests that you can take.

Eye Tracking

Keeping your head in the game depends on how well you can view the action. Because of this, one of the types of sports vision tests involves eye tracking. In it, your doctor will assess how your eyes follow their target subject.

Eye Dominance

You have a dominant hand, but did you know that you may also have a dominant eye? Your dominant eye is the one that you rely on the most. In target-related sports, you will focus better with your dominant eye. This test can help you optimize how you see—and play—your sport of choice.

Ocular Alignment

Your eyes are a team of their own. Testing how they function together is a big deal! The better your ocular alignment is, the better your performance at the big game will be.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Keeping an eye on the ball is one thing. Catching your target is another. These two steps need to work closely together for you to succeed. By getting your hand-eye coordination tested, you can improve how you play on the field.

Contrast Sensitivity

Do you play games at night? If you do, then contrast sensitivity makes a big impact on your performance. When your doctor tests your contrast sensitivity, he or she will determine how your eyes view how balls, pucks, rackets, and more move across a background. In other words, when you pick out a baseball coming towards your bat, you’re using contrast sensitivity. The higher yours is, the easier it is to perform.

Standard Vision Tests

After everything, you can always benefit from a standard vision test. Your quality of sight can completely change how your performance on the field. That means it’s important to take care of your eyes. Standard vision tests will also check for eye problems, such as astigmatism, that you need to look out for. Besides, athletes or not, everyone should get a yearly eye test!


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