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Choosing Protective Sports Eyewear: 5 Things to Consider

When you play a sport, protecting your vision is critical. Not only can it impact your performance in the game, but it can prevent injuries or worsening vision in everyday life. That makes choosing protective sports eyewear a big decision. Need a little guidance? Here a few helpful points to consider.

It’s a Wrap!

Because you’ll be moving quickly in many sports, you may want eyewear that wraps around your head. People who cycle, run, play tennis or enjoy water sports could benefit from a snugger kind of eyewear.

Picking out Padding

Your glasses can cause some unnecessary damage if they don’t have any padding. That means you need to make sure that your sports eyewear has passing around the nose and eye bridges. When it comes time to play, you’ll be grateful for picking out the proper pair.

The Merits of Polycarbonate Lenses

Sports eyewear serves different needs than, say, your average pair of glasses. After all, it has to keep your eyes safe from quick-moving objects! As it turns out, polycarbonate lenses are a great option to check out when you’re choosing protective sports eyewear. They’re more durable and can withstand tough hits. They also have the added bonus of dealing with UV light, making it easier for you to see!

A Unique Sport, A Unique Frame

The rules of each sport are unique, so it makes sense that the frames you need are unique too. When you go to get your frames, discuss which sport or sports you play with your eye doctor. That way, you’ll get the right frames!

Factoring in Your Prescription

Do you regularly wear glasses? What about contacts? If you need a certain prescription to see properly, you can get sports eyewear tailored for your vision. You can also search for sports eyewear that will keep your eyes—and contacts—protected.


Sometimes, it feels like choosing protective sports eyewear is an event of its own. Lucky for you, we’re here to help out. Whether you need an eye test, new glasses or frames, or want to find the proper protective sports eyewear, we’re on the job. Come see us at Mississippi Eye Care to get started! You can make an appointment on our site! Plus, for more on eyes and eyecare, check out our blog.