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Face Masks and Glasses: How to Prevent Fogging

Face masks and glasses—they’re both necessities for many people, but they sure don’t like to work together. If you’ve had trouble trying to make the two of them get along, don’t worry—we know just how to make them the best of buddies. Read on to find out how you can quickly and easily prevent that pesky fogging!

Ensure the Mask is Tightly Sealed

Your mask should be sealed as tightly as possible—without interrupting your breathing, of course. That means making sure the straps are drawn and that the mask goes smoothly over your chin and nose. You can do a quick little test to check the effectiveness, too. Blow a breath of air upwards, and see if you can feel it rise up past your mask. If you can, try to improve the placement of your face mask.

Place Your Glasses over Your Mask

When it comes to wearing face masks and glasses, you should put on the mask first. Then, you can place your glasses on top. This arrangement can help make your seal as effective as possible.

Consider Updating Your Lenses

If you’re due for a new pair of glasses, technology is on your side. Fog-resistant lenses are a helpful, time-saving option that you can consider buying!

Get Some Help from Soap

Soap is a real hero right now! It can even help you keep your glasses from fogging. All you need to do is clean off your lenses using soapy water. Dry them off and then you’re good to go! This method is effective because the soap forms a thin, safe film that blocks the unwanted fog.

Use Opticote Inc.’s Fog Free Spray

Sometimes our glasses need an extra helping hand. Using Opticote Inc.’s Fog Free Spray can stop fog in its tracks, making it clear skies and clear vision ahead. You can find this helpful little product at your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic.


One of the most important things we can do right now is to wear a mask. That simple action can save lives—and keep our community happy and healthy. Thank you for doing your part to protect us all!

Though face masks and glasses need a little help coexisting in harmony, they can be good friends with a little bit of effort. If you’d like to update your lenses or pick up some fog free spray, come visit your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic. Finally, to read up on vision care, check out our blog!