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8 Foods to Eat for Eye Health This Holiday Season

The dishes we devour can play a critical role in our health. They give us the nutrients we need to thrive. So, it makes sense that we’d all want to enjoy a wonderful winter. Fortunately, these foods to eat for eye health this holiday season sure are tasty.

Brussels sprouts

Don’t believe the bad reputation! Brussels sprouts are beyond delicious—when you cook them properly, that is. You can roast them in the oven with butter and olive oil, sprinkle them with cotija cheese, cook them with garlic and parmesan, and so much more.

And, they’re not just good for your eyes. They can also help improve your gut health. Which, after all those holiday meals, may need a little extra assistance.


For some of us, pumpkin spice season is actually every season. No judgment here! Pumpkins are high in beta carotene.

As it turns out, that ingredient is crucial. Your body can transform it into vitamin A. We bet you didn’t even realize it was doing that!


Thanksgiving may have passed, but we’re not done with you yet, turkey! Turkey contains lots of zinc. And, if you didn’t know, zinc actually plays a role in night vision!


Is shrimp cocktail your special holiday dinner? Good news: it comes jam-packed with eye-healthy ingredients, like potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein.


We bet you’ve heard all about this one! Instead of using a carrot for Frosty’s nose, cook it up for the holidays. This veggie comes with plenty of beta carotene.

You can go classic and roast them with a big pan of veggies. Or, you can turn them into a soup. Bonus points if you make a carrot salad with feta cheese—another eye-healthy ingredient.

Butternut squash

Make a chili with it front and center. Turn it into soup. Fill ravioli with it.

Butternut squash is one of the foods to eat for eye health this holiday season for good reason. Each bite comes with a hit of beta carotene and vitamin A.


Maybe you like to candy walnuts. Perhaps you like to turn them into pesto. Others prefer to put them in stuffing. The end results? A yummy dish—and ALA omega-fatty acids.

Just remember to make sure none of your guests have nut allergies before you add them to the menu.

Sweet potatoes

Beta carotene returns! Sweet potatoes feature that important component.

Running out of creative cooking ideas? You can turn sweet potatoes into a pie, use them to make latkes, or slice them thinly and bake with thyme and parmesan.


Wait a minute! Carrot cake, chocolate crescent roll bars with walnuts, and pumpkin pie—they all include foods to eat for eye health this holiday season. Guilt-free dessert, coming right up!

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