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What Your Vision Says About Your Health

Not only do your eyes allow you to see, but they also offer your eye doctor a glimpse into your overall health. You may be surprised to learn just what your vision says about your health.

Your health and your vision

From non-related eye conditions to common eye conditions, what your vision says about your health gives healthcare professionals clues to other potential health concerns. The retina offers insight into other important health factors because living blood vessels can be seen through nonintrusive methods.

For example, did you know an eye doctor can often spot signs of diabetes during a routine eye exam? In fact, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disease and more can be detected due to the condition of certain blood vessels and nerves in the back of the eye.

Sometimes, eye doctors are the first to let patients know there could be more going on with their health, or they help monitor existing conditions. Either way, learning more about what your vision says about your health through annual comprehensive eye exams is another good reason to schedule your next eye exam now.

Additionally, if you notice a white ring around your cornea, it could indicate high cholesterol. And if your eyes are puffy, red and twitchy, it could be a sign you need more sleep.

More about eye-related conditions

As far as what your vision says about your health, certain vision-related conditions are also easily identified during regular visits to the eye doctor. More specifically, common conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and age-related macular degeneration can all appear without developing noticeable symptoms.

However, during an eye exam, doctors can check for these, which leads to early detection and increased chances of slowing vision loss.


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