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Online Eye Tests: What You Need to Know

Nowadays, everything is online. From shopping to schooling, online is what’s happening (or should we say app-ening?). So much so that even medical diagnoses have made it to the digital sphere. WebMD and other medical portals provide information about an array of conditions at the click of a button. And apps and sites have not stopped there. Even more specialized medicine, including eye exams, boast online presences. Online eye tests have seen an uptick in use as of late, with these portals billing themselves as fast, convenient ways to get a prescription for contacts or lenses.

What are online eye tests?

Online eye tests are tests that try and circumvent a standard, comprehensive eye exam by focusing on one particular aspect of an eye exam: refraction. Refraction lets doctors know the lens power required to remedy a refractive error (i.e. astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness). Online eye tests test only refraction during their exams. This is just one of the many tests performed during a comprehensive eye exam by a licensed professional optometrist.

Can you trust an online eye test?

In short, not really. Online eye tests carry many pitfalls, and are not an adequate substitute for a comprehensive eye exam performed by a licensed optometrist. Online eye tests cannot test many things, including signs of hypertension, diabetes, loss of vision, or other eye disorders or diseases.

Why are in-person comprehensive eye exams preferable to online eye tests?

In-person comprehensive eye exams can detect problems with vision that online eye tests cannot. Early detection can help reduce vision loss and keep your eyes healthier in the long run. Online eye tests are unable to accurately assess and diagnose underlying issues with your eye health. There are a multitude of factors that only an in-person visit can fully and accurately take into account. A comprehensive eye exam will look at patient and family health history, overall eye health, the refractive status of the eyes, and much more.


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