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10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Eyes

This week is Thanksgiving, which means there is no better time to make your list of “Things to Be Thankful For…” Are your eyes on that list? If not, these 10 reasons to be thankful for your eyes might prompt you to add them!

Your eyes are always ready to go.

They don’t need coffee, a shower or any other kind of warm up. Your eyes wake up ready. However, your eyelids are controlled by totally different muscles—and that’s a whole other story!

Eyes are unique.

Did you know the iris has up to 240 distinct features that can ultimately identify a person? A thumb only has about 60.

They blink.

Let’s face it. We all spend too much time in front of screens. So, here’s one of those reasons to be thankful for your eyes that’s a no-brainer!

Screen time leads to dry eyes. Blinking is a natural remedy.

There are millions of working parts.

Simply put, there are more than two million working parts that come together to create vision.

Love your lens!

Did you know the lens in your eye can focus faster than any camera? Thankfully, our eyes can focus almost immediately. Otherwise, life would truly be a blur!

Eyes have auto-correct.

In fact, our eyes have some of the best auto-correct around. Whether you have glaucoma or blind spots, eyes fill in the gaps.

They adapt.

In a nutshell, our eyes are incredibly adaptable. Situations and surroundings can change quickly. For example, we often go from light to dark spaces. Our eyes can adjust almost instantly.

Our eyes are small but mighty.

Eyes are one of the smallest yet strongest muscles in the human body.

They can be the ultimate matchmaker.

Looking for love? Pay attention to your love interest’s pupils the next time you are together. Typically, eyes dilate in response to attraction.

Eyes are recording devices.

Our eyes act like personal cameras. On average, our eyes see more than 20 million images in a lifetime. Hence, one of the reasons to be thankful for your eyes everyday—your vivid memories!


Honestly, we could go on and on when it comes to reasons to be thankful for your eyes. For now, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Mississippi Eye Care! Keep reading our blogs for more on vision health, eye care and when it’s a good time come see your eye doctor!