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6 Reasons to Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

Ah! What’s that in your eye? It could be pollen or dirt. Whatever it is, it sure is itchy and uncomfortable! Even though it can offer some momentary relief, rubbing your eyes can lead to some pretty bad results. So, next time you get the urge, remember these reasons to avoid rubbing your eyes.

It’s Unsanitary

Rubbing your eyes is just plain unsanitary! Dirt, germs, bacteria, and more can all transfer from your hands to your eyes. No thank you!

It Can Spread Diseases

Diseases can enter or exit our bodies through our noses and mouths. They can also enter or exit through our eyes. That means touching your eyes can spread illnesses like pink eye—or even COVID-19.

It Can Irritate or Hurt Your Eyes Even More

Let’s say you have a speck of dirt or rock in your eye. Well, rubbing your eyelids can actually irritate your eyes even more, resulting in red eyes or even permanent damage. The action of rubbing can scrape irritants across your eye, scratching, ruining, or fatiguing it.

It Can Make You Lose a Contact Lens

Rubbing your eyes can bring a few seconds of relief, but it’s just not worth it. You might even cause your contact lens to fall out!

It Can Cause Wrinkles

We all get wrinkles eventually! Still, there are things we can do to delay their arrival. Lotion and skincare can be effective methods. As it turns out, one of the reasons to avoid rubbing your eyes is that it can actually cause wrinkles. Who knew!

It Can Increase Eye Pressure

Eye pressure may not be something that you regularly think about, but it could be a big issue if you have glaucoma. Rubbing your eyes will actually increase the pressure on them, since you’re adding weight and friction. So, if you have glaucoma, take extra care not to rub your eyes.


Even little things can help improve our health. So remember—please don’t touch or rub your eyes. And if you do make that very common mistake, please wash your hands afterwards. You should also scrub them for 20 seconds or longer for a successful cleaning.

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