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What Your Baby Sees From Birth to One Year

It’s no secret that newborns continue to grow and develop quickly after birth. This applies to your baby’s eyes and vision. Let’s look at what your baby sees from birth to one year.

Birth to 1 month

Understanding what your baby sees from birth to one year will help you support healthy vision throughout your child’s development.

At birth, babies can only see in black and white. They can also only see about 8 to 10 inches away. By the time babies are a week old, color vision is slowly starting to develop.

When they reach the 6-week milestone, babies can see up to 12 inches away. Typically, during this time, babies are not too sensitive to light, and their eyes are about 65 percent of their adult size!

2 months to 3 months

Several changes should be noticeable during the next two to three months.

For instance, your little one should be able to track, or follow, objects with their eyes. They will also show signs of recognizing your face and remembering what they see.

As they begin to reach for things and look around, don’t be alarmed if your baby’s eyes cross or wander. This is perfectly normal at this age. However, if you notice one eye remains turned in or out, talk to your baby’s doctor.

4 months

Introduce fun, colorful toys and objects for your baby to see and reach for at this age. Their eyes are working together, and their depth perception is developing too.

But even though your baby’s vision is clear and they can see farther away, they still love seeing your face up close!

6 months

Did you know the color of your baby’s eyes may change in the first six months? Generally, newborns have blue eyes. As time passes, darker pigment is made, which can make a baby’s eyes darker.

Typically, color doesn’t change much after 6 months of age. Speaking of color, by now, your baby can see colors just like you!

7 months to 12 months

Most likely, your baby is on the move during this stage. So it’s a good thing they are learning how their vision works. They get better and better at reaching and holding objects, as well as judging distances.


Finally, if you have any questions about what your baby sees from birth to one year, talk to your baby’s pediatrician. Are you wondering when it’s a good time to schedule your child’s first eye exam? Learn more by reading our blog on the topic. In fact, you can discover many additional vision health tips and other news when you continue to peruse our blogs.