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12 Holiday Activities That Are Better With Healthy Vision

Before we know it, we’ll blink and the holidays will be over. Don’t let this season of wonder and awe be a blur! From seeing loved ones to seeing Santa, here are 12 holiday activities that are better with healthy vision.

Traveling to visit family and friends.

Traveling is stressful enough. Can you imagine adding in the struggle of reading road signs or airport alerts with uncorrected vision issues?

Save yourself the headache by making time to see your doctor before your busy travel season takes off!

Putting up your tree.

Whether your tree is real or artificial, it takes good eyesight to get the best! From finding the perfect live tree to fluffing a fake one, clear vision is a must.

Decorating your tree.

Before you can gaze at the lights in amazement, you have to see what you’re doing to put them up. Not to mention, you need good vision to create a holiday display that will dazzle your friends, family and neighbors.

Family photos!

It’s hard to smile and act naturally in front of a camera if you can’t see the photographer.

With a current prescription for glasses or contacts, you’ll be spot-on. That way you can leave the family photo bomb to some other relative!

Seeing kids’ holiday performances.

Next on the list of holiday activities that are better with healthy vision is one you don’t want to miss. Those classic Christmas performances by your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews are always show-stoppers.

No need to fight your way to the front row with healthy vision on your side!

Checking out Christmas displays.

It’s time to load up and head out on the town in search of twinkle lights and holiday displays.

Your neighbor’s hard work and creative genius will be crystal clear with your new prescription glasses or contact lenses!

Doing holiday crafts.

Keep the “c” in crafts with clear vision! From sparkling, handmade ornaments to the twinkle in a child’s eye, there’s nothing more heartwarming than holiday crafting!

Holiday baking.

Make sure you keep your sweet treats tasty and your salty ones savory with good vision. You want to be able to read those tried-and-true family recipes.

Catching up with Santa.

Okay, the big guy in a red suit may be hard to miss. But seeing your kid’s big smile sitting on his lap might be. One good way to avoid missing this special moment is to have your vision checked ahead of time.

Watching a holiday movie marathon.

Trying to watch a movie marathon when you can’t see what’s happening on screen will turn anyone into a Grinch. But after a visit to the eye doctor for an annual exam, you’ll feel like it’s a wonderful life!

Holiday parties!

Forget being seen, don’t you want to see all the faces of your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues too?

Seeing the joy of Christmas morning.

Christmas morning is a sight to behold. It also comes early, so remember to put your glasses within arm’s reach.


There’s still plenty of time to enjoy these holiday activities that are better with healthy vision, but act fast! Schedule your next appointment at your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic online or by calling them today. Visit us at to find the clinic nearest you! Keep an eye out for more interesting news when you continue to read our blogs.