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5 Cooking Safety Tips for Your Eyes

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Can it just be turkey time already? Or stuffing time, or mashed potato time, or pumpkin pie time, or—you get the point. We’re all excited for Thanksgiving dinner, but we may not be prepared for less-than-perfect moments in the kitchen. Look after yourself by following these cooking safety tips for your eyes.

Use the Oven Light

It’s always tempting to look inside the oven and smell what’s cooking! Still, if you need to see how your food is faring, use the oven light to check on it whenever possible. Additionally, instead of eyeballing the turkey, use a food thermometer for a precise read. Why? Well, sometimes the heat from the oven can irritate or even burn your eyes—so it’s best to be cautious.

Use Caution When Dealing with Hot Substances

Hot grease and boiling sauce can burn your skin—or even your eyes. Be extra cautious when dealing with hot substances in the kitchen. Consider using a grease shield or lid on the pan you are cooking with.

Wash Your Hands after Handling Raw Meat

Turkey Day is all about, well, turkey! Don’t forget to wash your hands every time you handle raw meat.

Spice up Your Food—Not Your Vision

The next one of our cooking safety tips for your eyes is all about the spice! Cooking with heat means delicious meals, but you don’t want to get any of that stuff in your eyes. Wash your hands after handling spicy foods like peppers and refrain from touching your eyes. If you do get spicy oils in your eye, immediately flush it with water.

Clean and Clear the Floor

As you cook, you will be dealing with hot pots, sharp knives, and heavy objects. Well, a wet floor or an overturned rug can put a real damper on your day. Avoid serious injury by making sure your floor is clean, clear, and dry. You should also ensure the cabinets stay shut! Finally, if you have pets, keep them out of the kitchen while you’re cooking.


We all know when Thanksgiving is! It’s just one day away. Soon, you’ll be baking, roasting, and basting—and following these cooking safety tips for your eyes too. The question is: when is your next eye appointment? Schedule one online for your local Mississippi Eye Care Clinic at any time on our site. Finally, for more on eye care and vision tips, check out our blog here.