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9 Common Causes for Eye Injuries

Our eyes help us view the world clearly. However, sometimes we just don’t see certain things coming! Still, by keeping a look out for these common causes for eye injuries, you can hopefully prevent a bit of pain and discomfort along the way. After all, your safety is important!

Small Debris

Picture it: it’s a windy day, and you’re bringing in the groceries. Suddenly, a gust blows some dirt into your eyes. Ouch! If the pain lasts for a long time, you experience a change in vision, or you notice any injuries, you may have gotten some debris in your eye. This can be serious, so if troubles last, go see your eye doctor.

Eye Makeup

For those of us who put on eyeliner and mascara, we know that the difference between the perfect cat-eye and a messy blur is as fine as can be. That also means that it’s easy for makeup like mascara or eyeliner to get into your eye. Liquid eyeliner can be especially tricky—and you may need to wash out your eyes. Additionally, always take off your makeup at the end of the day. Otherwise, it could build up and cause infection.


Ever sprayed something in your eye, like hairspray or sunscreen? Make sure that you follow the label’s instructions on how best to wash out your eyes—and seek immediate medical attention if necessary. Chemicals can cause horrible damage, or even permanent blindness, so you should always take exposure seriously.


Your pet may scratch you on accident. If he or she gets your eye, that could cause bleeding, pain, and even infections. Try to keep your pets away from your eyes and seek treatment if they cause injury.


Another one of the common causes for eye injuries is a little hard to ignore: the sun. Your eyes can get damaged from the light and radiation. In fact, they can even get sunburned too. Sounds like a good reason to pop on some stylish shades—and stay safe at the same time.

Human Clumsiness

There’s no shame—we’ve all tripped over our own feet. Sometimes, people are just plain clumsy. Still, falling or running into things can cause bad eye injuries. If you’re hurt, seek the appropriate medical care as soon as possible.


Contact users are pretty adept at putting in and taking out their lenses. However, sometimes your fingers just slip! Keep your nails short and always exercise care when dealing with your contact lenses. You should also keep your nails and fingers as clean as possible!


Though the Fourth of July has passed us, New Year’s Eve will be here before you know it! Fireworks and sparklers can cause painful eye injuries. Make sure you avert your gaze—or even wear protective goggles. You should also keep young children away from them and exercise extreme caution yourselves too.

Sports Equipment

Hockey pucks, tennis balls, and Frisbees—they all get some serious air. Unfortunately, that means that they can come into contact with your eyes—and cause damage. Wearing protective sports eyewear can help, though!


The “eyes” have it! Though there are quite a few common causes for eye injuries, you can give yourself a degree of protection by steering clear of dangerous activity. You can also visit your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic for routine check-ups and referrals.

To get started, make an appointment here. As for learning more about eyes, give our blog a visit.