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6 Fall Frame Trends for 2023

It’s the perfect time to refresh your look and wardrobe with one of these six fall frame trends for 2023. Check out today’s coolest styles and get ready to make a spectacle this season! 

Cat-eye glasses

Channel the autumn leaves with one of the most popular fall frame trends for 2023. Be bold and original in cat-eye glasses. These trendy frames fit modern themes with fresh new designs each season. Try a thicker, brighter frame for a fun twist, or keep it simple with a subtle upward sweep on thinner frames, for example.

Clear eyeglasses

You may have already noticed this trend in eyewear in 2023. However, clear or transparent eyewear isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. So, consider adding a versatile pair of glasses to your collection with this style. 

What’s more, if you decide to try a new look with bright eye makeup, clear frames still show off the rest of your face.

Geometric glasses

Choose from daring thick-rimmed or delicate wire-rimmed geometric frames for a statement piece this season. Vibrant colors in outrageous shapes can be a fun way to show off your more adventurous side. 

On the other hand, simple wire-framed hexagonal glasses work well for an everyday style.

Vintage round glasses

Whether you’re planning a Harry Potter costume for Halloween or just feeling classic, vintage round glasses work well with several different face shapes, including the rare diamond-shaped face. 

‘70s-inspired glasses

From aviators to oversized round frames, there is a seventies-inspired style for everyone when it comes to this fall 2023 trend. The oversized frames will look chic and offer an uninterrupted line of vision thanks to their larger shape.

Plus, aviator frames look good on most shapes, making the style universally cool. 

Unique colors

Square, rectangular, round, oval or abstract frames all work as fashion statements when you wear them in soft pastels or vibrant fluorescents, for instance. 

Remember the Pantone Color of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta? Embrace the colors of 2023 with a new accessory—your glasses! 


Finally, to find all your favorite fall frame trends for 2023, visit your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic! Not only will our locations have the styles you’ll love, but our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to help you find the best fit and frames for your face. Keep reading our blogs for more eye care tips and vision health news.