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A Guide to Choosing Frames to Fit Your Face Shape

Glasses help us view the world. However, for many people, choosing their frames is where they get blurry. After all, with the multitude of options available, it can be difficult to decide. If you need to narrow down your options follow this guide to choosing frames to fit your face shape.

  • Heart faces. Aptly named, heart-shaped faces mean small chins and wide cheekbones. People who have these features will love how they look in oval-shaped glasses. Plus, using thinner frames will help people emphasize their cheekbones.
  • Oval faces. With an oval-shaped face, features look longer. People with oval faces also have many options—their face shape is very adaptable. In fact, they can choose among round, rectangular, and square glasses!
  • Square faces. People with square faces have structured jawlines and cheekbones. Because these features stand out, people will want to find glasses that compliment those features. In choosing frames to fit their face shape, putting on a pair with circular, round frames is ideal.
  • Round faces. Round faces often give off impressions of youth and trust. When people with this face shape choose glasses, they need frames that won’t throw off the balance of their features. Fortunately, rectangular glasses fit the bill perfectly.
  • Diamond faces. If someone has a smaller forehead and chin in conjunction with larger cheekbones, his or her face is shaped like a diamond. This means that his or her face is symmetrical, too, so keeping it in balance is important. Rectangular or oval-shaped glasses will help with that task. People can experiment with both and see which is their favorite!

When it comes to choosing frames to fit your face shape, there’s one final decision to make: picking a time to make an appointment at your local Mississippi Eye Care location. Whether you’re a new or returning client, you can schedule an appointment online. As for learning more about eye care, glasses, and vision exams, visit our blog.