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The Importance of Back-to-School Eye Exams

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During the summer, it’s easy to miss a change in your child’s vision. Instead of peering at the whiteboards, your child gets to run around outside and play. When school rolls back around, though, he or she may start squinting. Want to avoid the problem entirely? Then it’s time to get a vision check. After all, the importance of back-to-school eye exams is especially apparent during this time of the year. Here’s why!

Academic Success

Did you know that your child’s vision can actually impact his or her academic success? It makes a lot of sense. If your child can’t see what’s on the board or can’t easily read assignments, he or she will have obstacles in the way. Something as simple as an eye exam can improve your child’s grades.

Preventing Headaches

When your child gets a headache, he or she will definitely make sure you know about it. Though a bit of Children’s Tylenol can help, there may be a bigger cause. Poor vision can result in painful headaches. Thankfully, the problem can be solved with a new or updated vision care prescription.

Detecting Eye Problems

Eye exams don’t just cover glasses. They also help detect eye problems. If you take your child to a yearly back-to-school eye exam, it’s easier to notice small problems before they become big ones.

Improving Concentration

Ever notice that your child has trouble staying on track? Concentration problems are often linked to vision. So, when you get your child a proper vision prescription, he or she may find it much easier to concentrate. Glasses can even keep your child from fidgeting!

Mood Changes

Being unable to see well or concentrate can be frustrating. These factors can also mean mood changes in your child. Taking him or her to an eye exam can prevent stress—and bring clearer skies.

Higher Likelihood of Vision Changes

As your child grows, their vision will most likely change. In fact, children are likelier to experience more frequent vision changes than adults. That makes the importance of back-to-school eye exams even more pressing.


The results are in: the importance of back-to-school eye exams is critical. That means it’s time to act! Ready to schedule a back-to-school eye exam? Visit us your local Mississippi Eye Care clinic! Plus, to learn more about vision care, check out our blog.