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The Two Main Types of Contact Lens Solutions

This one isn’t just for the contact newbies. Even old pros have something to learn here! Your choice of contact lens solution matters. Can’t tell the difference? That’s where we come in to explain! Read on to learn about the two main types of contact lens solutions and how they work.

Type One: Multipurpose Solutions

This solution earned the title of “multipurpose” for a reason. First of all, it will disinfect your contacts during overnight storage. It can also rinse them, and it can clean them too. So, if you use multipurpose solutions, remember to clean your contacts after you wear them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Multipurpose Solutions

If you have contacts, chances are that you use a multipurpose solution. This option offers a more straightforward contact lens solution. (We’ll get into why that’s the case in the next section.) They also tend to cost less!

It’s easy to disinfect your lenses with a multipurpose solution. To clean your contacts, put an individual lens in your clean, washed palm. Then, drop the solution into your hand. After that, you should carefully rub in the solution into lens. Make sure that you do this for both sides of the contact. Voilà! Once you finish, you can store the contact overnight in a case with the same solution.

Type Two: Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Solutions

There are two main types of contact solutions. The second kind are hydrogen peroxide-based solutions! They used a hydrogen peroxide base, which strengthens their cleaning abilities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Solutions

Doctors tend to recommend multipurpose solutions over hydrogen peroxide-based ones. So, if you haven’t heard of this option, that could explain why.

When you use hydrogen peroxide-based solutions, you’ll also need a separate saline solution. That’s because the hydrogen peroxide base can harm your eyes if you don’t properly rinse it with a neutralizing saline solution. It also can make this option more costly. Not to mention, it requires an extra level of vigilance.

Hydrogen peroxide-based solutions can offer a big advantage, though. They have strong disinfecting properties. Plus, they also don’t include preservatives. You can find hypoallergenic versions too. If you’re curious about the advantages they offer, you can always ask us.


Staying healthy matters to us all. The way you handle—and clean—your contacts can make a big impact. Not only can it neutralize germs and keep your eyes happy, but it can make your everyday life simpler too. And remember: water is not one of the two main types of contact solutions. In fact, you should never use it as a contact lens solution. Otherwise, you could expose your eyes to amoebas and dirty lenses.

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