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6 Types of Eye Shapes and How to Determine Yours

We’ve said it before. We love everything about eyes—from the varying shapes, sizes, and colors to the fascinating way they work. But for now, let’s talk about the six main types of eye shapes and how to determine yours.

The six main shapes

The interesting thing about types of eye shapes and how to determine yours is that, in the end, you may discover your eyes are a beautiful blend.


Almond-shaped eyes have an iris that touches either or both the upper and lower eyelid. They also have a visible eyelid crease, and both ends taper.


Monolid eyes have the appearance of being flat. There isn’t much, if any, of a crease. The eyelids look as if they are a single area of skin from the upper lash to the eyebrow.


Think cat eyes when it comes to an upturned eye shape. Imagine a horizontal line running through the iris. When it comes to upturned eyes, the outer corner of the eye would be above that imaginary line.


On the other hand, downturned eyes taper downward at the outer corners of the eye. So, it would fall below the imaginary horizontal line, pointing more toward the cheekbones.


Hooded eyelids get their name from the extra layer of skin that covers the crease of the eyelid. It can reach as far as the top of the lashes.

Like monolid eyes, hooded eyes are a normal variation of eye shapes. Sometimes a hooded eye can even develop with age.


To round out the list, round eyes have a few distinguishable features. For starters, the iris is surrounded by white where it meets the eyelids. Next, they have a visibly noticeable eyelid crease.

Finally, the inner and outer ends don’t taper but remain curved.

How to determine your eye shape

Determining your eye shape isn’t an exact science, but there are ways to figure out your prominent eye shape.

First, look eye-level at a mirror and step back while looking forward. Then ask yourself a series of questions.

Can you see your eyelid crease? If not, you have monolid eyes. If you can, ask yourself additional questions.

Does your iris touch either eyelid? Is there white showing around your iris? Is your crease blocked by extra skin?


Now that we’ve covered the most common types of eye shapes and how to determine yours, are you ready to pick out a new set of frames to complement your eye shape? Be sure to book your appointment for a comprehensive eye exam at your local Mississippi Eye Care Clinic first. Then keep reading our blogs for all things eyes!