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Misplaced Your Specs? 5 Tips for Keeping Up With Your Glasses

If you wear glasses, you know how inconvenient it can be when you misplace or even lose them. It can cost you time looking for your glasses and even money if you have to replace them. Avoid misplacing your specs by following these tips for keeping up with your glasses.

Give your glasses a home

Are you guilty of placing your glasses down wherever you can and forgetting where that spot was? Avoid doing that by giving your glasses a home. Whether it’s on your desk, bedside table or bathroom, pick a spot to store your glasses and always put them there when you take them off.

Keep them in a case

A glasses case is essential for anyone who wears glasses. Take advantage of this. Each time you take off your glasses, make the choice to put them in the case. You can even buy a bulky or brightly-colored case to make it much easier to find. Plus, a case helps keep your lost glasses from being damaged.

Create habits

Creating a habit can help you keep up with your glasses by making it a natural thing for you to do. So, once you pick a home for your glasses, be deliberate about keeping them there.

After some time, you can even create a muscle-memory habit. Try putting your glasses on at the same time every morning, taking them off at the same time, and placing them in their designated spot. Following a routine can help you keep track of your glasses.

Buy a strap for your glasses

One of the most common tips for keeping up with your glasses is to buy a strap for them. A glasses strap attaches to the ears of your glasses and can be used to hang your glasses from your neck. This can help you avoid losing them by setting them down in random spots.

Track your glasses with your phone

Yes, that’s right, you can use your phone to track your glasses! The way they work is that there is a tiny tracking device that attaches to the arm of your glasses and then connects to a smartphone in order to track your glasses and prevent you from losing them for good.


Don’t wait until you lose your glasses again—start following these tips for keeping up with your glasses today. We can guarantee it will save you time, money and frustration!

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