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Philadelphia Eye Care

Philadelphia Eye Care

Are you looking for an optometrist in Philadelphia? Philadelphia Eye Care is a preferred provider of quality vision care and personalized optometric services to all patients in the county seat of Neshoba and surrounding areas. 

Our location in Philadelphia is one of 8 locations overall, so you can always find high-quality eye care even when you are on the road.

Vision is One of Your Most Precious Assets

Here at Philadelphia Eye Care, we pride ourselves in building lasting relationships with our customers to help protect one of life's most precious assets: vision.

As humans, we all have five senses. By far the most important sense is sight as it allows us to have direct interaction with the world. Keeping this sense as sharp and as healthy as possible is incredibly important and you can trust us to provide the highest possible care.

The importance of sight is the reason that our services range from preventative and routine eye exams to treatment options that can restore or prevent vision loss.

We Offer Eye Care Services That Others Don't

If you've been looking for an eye doctor in Philadelphia that's offering modern day solutions for 21st-century problems, come and see our team at Philadelphia Eye Care.  We offer vision therapy for the many problems that don't require surgery for correction, as well as computer vision treatment for eye problems associated with squinting at a computer, tablet, or mobile screen for hours at a time.

What's unique about vision therapy is that it's a form of physical therapy used on the eyes and the brain. It is designed and proven to resolve vision problems that can contribute to learning disabilities, and is also an effective treatment for problems like lazy eye or double vision. Rest assured, it can be beneficial for children and adults alike.

You should also call our Philadelphia optometrist if you suffer from blurry vision, eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, or neck and shoulder pain due to computer vision syndrome. Our doctors will design a treatment plan to help relieve your symptoms and suggest things you can do to cut down on eye problems. 

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Our expertly trained staff is here to help you select the perfect eyeglasses and frames, and so much more. We do it all in a friendly and comfortable setting, making sure you understand your eye condition(s) and any treatments to follow. Stop by or schedule an appointment online now, or call (601) 656-3296 to speak to our optometrist in Philadelphia. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Philadelphia Eye Care was established in 1983.

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