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Staff Spotlight: Kayla Jones

Meet Kayla Jones, one of our very own ophthalmic technicians! Her smile is sure to brighten your day when you see her at the Mississippi Eye Care Louisville office!

When she’s not at work, this Collinsville-native enjoys spending time with her husband, Kyle, their dog Pixie and other family and friends.

And when you can’t find her at 14994 W. Main St., you might find her planning her next beach trip!

Tell us about your family (including four-legged varieties!)

I currently live in Louisville with my husband, Kyle Jones. We have a fur baby named Pixie.

What is your favorite thing about working at Mississippi Eye Care Louisville?

My favorite thing about Mississippi Eye Care is all my amazing coworkers and meeting all the sweet patients.

If you could do any other job besides this one, what would it be?

Photography and makeup artist.

What is your favorite location to travel to?

My favorite place to travel would be the beach.

What is your ideal way to spend the weekend?

With my family and friends.

Be sure to give Kayla a smile and a wave the next time you visit our Louisville clinic!